The “Anomalous Transmix Tour” continues to roll. The next Transpop Project show with remixes from DJs around the world, has a date. Rohmanelli (with special guest rapper Raphael Warlock) performs on August 10th at the Balaio de Gato in Lagoa da Conceição, at Bapho Cultural’s one-year party. Other concerts, DJs and exhibitions are also planned to commemorate the producer’s performance, which aims at artistic emancipation, exchange and occupation of spaces, bringing art to various places in the city and region, with an agenda in the LGBTQ community and political and cultural activities.
The “Anomalous Transmix Project” (an album and five EPs), officially ended on July 6th with the EP “Fanatismi” which brings unreleased compositions such as “Compassione”, which won lyric video directed by Antonio Rossa, and ” Il tempo è insufficiente “, b-sides versions and remixes. The new EP, as well as the previous ones, counts on the participation of musicians, DJs and producers from various places: from Bahia (Telefunksoul, Conceito Articulado, Dj Môpa and Irmão Carlos); from Pernambuco (Sonick S); from Santa Catarina (Binho Manenti, Junior Antonini and Alberto Heller); from Paraná (Cassiano Fagundes); from Pará (Cleo and Dudu Chagas); from Argentina (Jeronimo Gonzalez); from Germany (Holger Beier); from Belgium (van der Goes) and from Italy (Alex Contri and SaturDJ).

Ouça “Fanatismi”



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