This Friday (19), the Italian artist Rohmanelli officially closed the project “Anomalous” with the release of the video  “Il tempo è insufficiente”. The song, part of the EP “Fanatismi”, all composed in the native language of the singer and composer now based in Florianópolis, is one of the three featuring with Belgian producer van der Goes. The video was recorded in Gent, Belgium, where the producer lives and where Rohmanelli himself lived six years ago. The video was recorded and edited by Goes.

– The clip has an incredible scenario, especially the gothic architecture of the city, where I lived for a long time. My videos always had a lot of production, this time we went to the street with a camera and we captured what we wanted without a goal, absorbing the local mood. Social networks are an incredible tool because we can get partnerships and friendships all over the world. The connections made possible this incredible creative encounter with van der Goes, we composed songs together and after three years we finally met and recorded this video.

Photo: van der Goes