The aesthetics and sound of Rohmanelli‘s Transpop have attracted the attention of various media: from the national printed newspapers to an Italian radio web program, to academic works. This is the case of “Reconvexo”, a documentary by Unisul Audiovisual Studies graduate student, Kamila Novaes, due to be launched in August at festivals and events in the field. The film will feature an interview and performance by the artist singing Antonini remix for his song “Anomalous”. 

The singer and composer, his persona, will be placed face to face with Sergio Romanelli, the person. This is the proposal of the documentary, which deals with reflections: ”If you unite two projections of yourself, you will be closer to your ‘observer,’ the reflection of yourself,” says the student. According to Rohmanelli, the contact with the student was through his clips, mainly “Anomalous”, that fits in the proposal of “Reconvexo”, in the construction of the other through the work of art. 

– Kamila Novaes liked my clip “Anomalous”, coproduced with Antonio Rossa, and so she sent me an email. It was a very good experience to take part in this documentary, which investigates the presence of the reflection, of the mirror, in each one’s work. There is an interview with me as  Sergio Romanelli and then the performance and an interview as Rohmanelli; all this to investigate the duplicity, the relation between person and artist, also through the change of name, and the construction of that reflection on the stage.

Photos: Mariana Cardozo