Before venturing as an electronic solo artist, Rohmanelli joined the alternative rock band Vita Balera. After an album and five EPs released, the Italo-Brazilian living now in Florianópolis returns to this style with the single “Como você me quer?”, a collaboration  with the band Farra do  Bowie. Recorded at the Decibel studio and mixed and mastered by Nycollas Medeiros, the track won a clip produced by Marko Martinz (Vinil Filmes). The video was officially released on Friday (5 oct.) through the site “Tenho mais discos que amigos!”.

“Como você me quer?” Features Rohmanelli and Paulo Prog (voice), André Seben (guitar), Luciano Kichalowski (guitar), Rassa (bass) and Calvin Treze (drums) representing male types in which people try to fit  to please to the other. The video, recorded at Célula Showcase and  Taliesyn, symbols of resistance of the independent music scene in Santa Catarina, brings a decadent environment represented by the punk and glam aesthetics of the 1970s, highlighting the insecurities of each one in an ironic and quite playful way.

“This song speaks about the  the flow of the roles nowadays, based on models of masculinity and beauty that change every hour. Everyone wants to look like something they’re not. We have to fit in certain standards that the media dictates to be seen. We live in the age of total visibility. This crazy search is a constant contradiction that can not be solved at all“, says Rohmanelli.

The collaboration with Farra do Bowie began in 2017. The love in common for the “Rock Chameleon” made possible a series of collaborations in the Floripa stages. Between versions of songs from the albums “Anomalous” and “Born to be a Fagot”, presented live,  we felt the need to create something together. “David Bowie, the boldness within a very gritty genre today (the rock), is what unites us. Our musical and cultural background is post-punk and new wave. That’s the link. We started rehearsing to test the chemistry and it fit totally. This collaboration brought me back to my punk, it was very important. It’s a new beginning, an alarm clock for all the production that’s coming from now on“, he concludes.